The aim of this program is to re-examine our relationships between creatives and intellectuals, with various actors of these creative industries, as well as our interactions with people on the exterior. We wish to look into detail at how we can bring more intersectionality and inclusion in each action we take. Whatever artistic project we undertake should have a moment of reflection on who is included and therefore excluded. Starting with this thought, we will create a dialogue with actors and professionals who have:
- Made the effort of reaching out and finding new ways to interact with populations who do not usually have access to artistic practices, or
- Found new channels of interaction within the discipline, facilitating communication between established and new generations, and/or between the different roles of  certain markets (artist/gallerist, client/artist, client/gallerist, accessibility/institutions etc.). 

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Morpheus Antique, Antique Shop

Midi, Entrepreneur

Christine Spengler, Photographer

Annabel Daou, Artist