What could happen if we put “Breakthrough” and “Re-” together? Are we ready to make a breakthrough in our story, and prepare for a new journey? When we put the prefix “re-” in front of a verb, it implies the concepts of “again” and/or “back,” and expresses the possibility of a different understanding, expressing the state which comes after an improvement on an issue and filling in a gap. Through understanding the different ways in which we can use “Re”, this project will create a dialogue on how we can use art to move away from our self-satisfaction, and the arrogant, biased attitudes in our life. We propose to ask our audiences to look at our society, and add some “re-” in their practices: reflect, return, rejoin, reconnect, restore, reflect, regain, and regenerate social actions and involvements.

As Nicolas Bourriaud argues in Relational Aesthetics (1998), human contacts are exposed to and are constantly being monitored. Electronic media, user-friendly platforms can serve as “communication superhighways” to speed up the process of communication. They can make us more efficient and reach wider audiences; they can help our message travel faster and make us more efficient. However our lives are constructed like readymade objects; they are programmed, designed to act in a certain way. With all these predictions, we gradually lose our freedom, creativity, and critical ability to deal with the  diverse situations occurring in our life. To avoid it getting worse, artistic activities are our medicine, our way out. Through art, we create interactions, rebuild bonds between individuals; art builds a platform to open up to others and to share our achievements. To make a breakthrough, we need to apply our innate abilities, our creativity. Allowing our artistic sense to play its role will help us achieve modest connections, open up obstructed passages to reconnect with reality, social bonds, and our inner mind.

Human activities are formatized, stabilized from our youngest years. If we were to analyze our values and beliefs and opinions, we would realise that these derive from pre-established mindsets, which we all too rarely doubt. This tendency can make us biased. In the industries of the arts and culture, cultural mediators are expected to be objective. However, this could be challenging for new professionals, who may not have as many years of experience or been exposed to different realities. How could we confront this disconnect, and challenge our biases? Our interest lies in the exploration of the concept of caring, and how it is linked to our attitudes towards the art world, others, and our society. 


Our social and economic habits have known an unprecedented reshape due to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. We’ve seen that still, there is a fundamental desire for human interaction and a need to connect to others physically. This art project derives from the question of how to resolve the disconnect between individuals. It aims to look for answers and propose solutions to the following questions:

  • What are the possibilities to reconnect the disconnected parts of ourselves? 

  • How do we repair the social fractures that have emerged from lack of awareness and communication, and break through the distancing within the art world and our society?

  • How do we use art and culture to reflect on these shortcomings and to repair, reconnect, restore, and recreate social engagement and create a more caring society? 


This project aims at exploring the concept of caring and how a dialogue can be created that allows us to understand, question, and challenge our biases and prejudices regarding other members of our society. 


The project actively engages with our community to examine, brainstorm, and encourage them to take action in their own daily lives. In response to the pandemic, this 5 month project will reach our audience with an online platform and a physical exhibition in close collaboration with the Galerie Jérôme Poggi and the non-profit organization, SOCIETIES.

Through this online platform, our aim is to reexamine in great detail our relationships with each other and outsiders in an industry such as the art market. We wish to break through some of our preconceptions, and possibly create a more accessible vision of the trade and share it. Hopefully, we can question certain structures and specialists of the art world, and make new propositions resting on inclusion and intersectionality. 


This Breakthrough + “Re-” online platform will release regular news and information about the overall project, from June to October 2020. Its launch date has been set to June 26th. Its goal is to reconnect individuals using interactive online activities to solve physical disconnections. To proceed, we will conduct a series of interviews organised under four topics: “Re-Born”, “Re-Interpret”, and “Re-Touch”. Each topic will cover a specific subject matter, such as collecting consciously, inclusivity, or communication.