Born in Buenos Aires, Nora Herman has lived and worked in Madrid, Burgos, and New York, before settling down in Paris in 1982. She is notably the winner of the Pollock-Krasner Prize in New York, the Monumental Sculpture contest of Paris, and the Lacourrière Prize of the Cabinet des Estampes of the National Library of France. 


Her work, dedicated at the same time to painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, and writing, weaves an uninterrupted visual speech which doesn’t let itself be imprisoned in a single expression. As a sculptor, her bronze pieces, between equilibrium and instability, write the vulnerability of our bond with the Earth. As a painter, she expresses this confusion of earth and water, this Ocean-Universe from which are born her canvases. As an engraver, she ventures farther than technical mastery, than the surface, to the heart of the material, in order to create within fragility. In her drawing practice, she has forged delicate lacework, transforming the plane into a volume in which we dream of diving into. As a writer, she chisels the soul’s matter, touching us through its different textures. 


Shaped by the intertwining of her sensible and cultural resources, she offers us a body of work which is absolutely filled with invitations. The senses and the spirit find each other jointly, or one by one, seized into the soft and strong wave created by the encounter with her works. 


©️Nora Herman-ADAGP

Nora Herman talks to us about her book whose release has unfortunately been delayed due to the pandemic: 


The name of my book which should have come out this Spring to be presented at the Marché de la Poésie is: About Drawing. It is a text which I wrote and from which the drawings are also mine. It tells the origin of drawing. The format is 25cm x 17cm, and will be printed in lead typography and the drawings reproduced through traditional shots. 

Regarding the timing, I wrote the book many years ago, and the drawings were made during the past year. The first proofs of the pictures were done in Fall and I should have gone in person to do some research on the colors of the drawings this Spring. At the beginning of March, we started to understand that the situation was getting complicated in France due to COVID-19, and my trip was cancelled during the second week of that month because it had been planned for the first week of April. 


The book was supposed to come out for Paris’ Marché de la Poésie, which would have opened on June 6th 2020, but it was cancelled. While the book doesn’t exist, I am not able to give out the editor’s name, but it should have been edited in a French village, far from Paris. 


Regarding the consequences of the pandemic on my future plans, we can never predict how life will work out. However it is obvious that the cancelled meetings with international curators that I had welcomed in my studio at the end of March 2020, the pause on my book and on other projects will have a negative impact, at least in the short term. 


You ask me how I will deal with all these complications? My answer is that I will continue to work the Earth, as it is only when we work the Earth that we can collect the fruits of our harvest. 

This interview was collected by Yanan He in French.

Translation to English by Anna Lataillade.




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