After the confinement, an undisciplined atmosphere seems to crowd our society.  The general public is less cautious concerning the pandemic but our guest, Jing Pang, who is an artist and life model in Hong Kong, was suffering from the third wave of the COVID-19. 


Breakthrough + "Re-" : Hello Jing, thank you for being our guest today. To begin, may you please introduce yourself?


Jing Pang: I’m Jing Pang, an artist and life model based in Hong Kong, and I received my BA in Visual Arts (Hons.) from the Academy of Visual Art in Hong Kong Baptist University. I work with diverse media, including life drawing, wearable art, moving image, photography and painting.


B+R: Could you please share with us what project has been cancelled because of the COVID-19? 

What were the aims of your project?

J.P.: I’m a host of themed live drawing sessions every Saturday. My main duty is inviting different models, setting various themes, preparing music playlists and props every week. We welcome anyone to come to draw and enjoy the artsy atmosphere.

(The Breakthrough + "Re-" team realised that Jing Pang’s life drawing session had to be cancelled or postponed because of the third wave outbreak of the virus in Hong Kong.) 
















© Wong Ka Lung

B+R: That is interesting to organise live drawing session with a theme. Could you please describe in detail the planned timeline of your project, and at what time you were informed that it would have to be cancelled?


J.P.: My original schedule was planned from August to September. Due to the pandemic situation, I had to cancel all the sessions until further arrangement, because most people prefer to stay home lately. 


B+R: That’s really sad and frustrating. Ideally, what would your project have looked like?

J.P.: I used to take pictures of all the live drawings and share them online. We used to chat and discuss Art after every session. It’s fun and satisfying. 




© Jing Pang

B+R: Are there consequences of the pandemic on your future plans? How are you coping with it?

J.P.: The consequences are losing the time and space to share insights with each other and loss of income. I don’t have any alternatives right now. All I do is go with the flow and focus on self-creative projects.


B+R: We really wish you all the best, stay safe, Jing. Thank you so much for participating in our interview. 


J.P.: Thank you so much. 

JP Life Drawing Club

Every Saturday 2-4 pm 

Location: Fortress Hill, Hong Kong


Contact: Jing Pang

Email: pangjingcreation@gmail.com

Instagram: @jp_life_drawing_club

This interview was conducted in English by Yannie Hung.




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